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A week inside the Generate community

Curious about what goes on inside? Here's some of the things that happen in a week in the Generate community!

Why should you join the Generate community?

Generate members get access to...
Active slack channels & DMs with other marketers
AMAs and masterclasses from marketing experts
In-person events and networking

Some of our amazing members

Learn and collaborate with some of the most talented ANZ B2B marketers.

Lara Barnett

Lara Barnett

Head of Marketing
Logicalis Australia

"The Generate community is the ultimate hub for B2B marketers in ANZ who are dedicated to their career growth. It offers invaluable guidance from seasoned professionals, and is always buzzing with advice and insights from these high-quality marketers who are more than willing to share their time and knowledge with other members. I have gained such value from contributing to the community discussions, coming to in-person meet-ups, and having one on one catch ups with other members. "I highly recommend Generate!"

Darren Jin Image

Darren Jin

Growth Marketer

"What Generate has allowed was to open my eyes to a wider scope of marketing and learn from others that are experts in aspects of marketing. It has become such a great place for talking with like-minded people regarding marketing and just having fun being part of a wider community and to not feel as isolated in my role. It gives me more confidence that there is people I can reach out to be pointed in the right directions when I need help and already I've been helped a fair bit when I've asked in regards to areas I've wanted to upskill."

Kayla Medica

Kayla Medica

Fractional Product Marketer

"I've joined many a marketing community throughout my career, looking for friends to be made, tips to learn, and somewhere to ask a question here and there. Generate is the only community that's actually stuck! Just when I think I've come up against a wall I can't break through, there's always someone in Generate who's willing to talk it through and give me a fresh perspective.

There's no other community I'd recommend, Generate is all you need!"

Sabina Hodges image

Sabina Hodges

Senior B2B Marketing Manager

"I came across Generate when I needed some B2B specific insights and I’ve been immersed in the community ever since. Generate is made up of a bunch of super talented marketing professionals that are beyond helpful and collaborative. We come together to share insights, recommendations and engage in thought-provoking discussions. Being a part of this community not only expands your professional network, but provides countless opportunities for learning and personal growth as well."

Tom Littler

Josh Littler

Marketing Manager - APAC

"Finally, a B2B Marketing community that is ANZ based and not crowded with 10,000+ members or heaps of noise and agency pitch slaps. People frequently interact here and share best practices/tips across all areas of B2B marketing. In other groups, lots of questions go unanswered and in Generate, questions are always answered. It's a thriving, tight knit community full of experts with varying experience that I'd highly recommend joining if you are a B2B marketer looking to level up in ANZ."

Kaylee Liu image

Kaylee Liu

Marketing Manager

"Having gone from working in a large B2B company to start up land, Generate offered the sounding board and camaraderie I missed from being part of a large marketing team. Whether it's product marketing, paid channels, or simply wanting to know what people thought of a new tool, the members of Generate are active, helpful, and on top of current trends in B2B marketing. No other marketing community in ANZ compares. If you get the opportunity to join this vibrant and engaged community, do not let it pass you by!"

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